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Our name represents what we do: we make cosmetics – and your brand successful in the sector. As a full-service provider, we take over the entire process, from the product idea via production to distribution. We are knowledgeable, fast and full of innovative ideas. Our dynamic team has many years of experience in all areas of the cosmetics industry and specialises in customised solutions. We use this expertise to create tailor-made cosmetic products that contribute to brand success for established beauty labels and companies outside of the sector.


Our select team of experts is exclusive and experienced. It develops and markets beauty products for our customers with as much sectoral knowledge as it has passion – always flexible, always individual. The key to our well-engineered full service is our international co-operation network. We also implement special requirements quickly, economically and according to our customers’ wishes.


Our cosmetics are individual, each product being unique. High-quality body care, decorative cosmetics and exclusive fragrances are some of our core strengths and, of course, the creative possibilities are almost endless. For us, every project is of the highest priority – regardless of whether we’re making large or small quantities, for the mass, premium or niche market. We know what we are doing and love the challenge.


Lipstick, nail polish, mascara or make-up – decorative cosmetics is a huge market, which we have fully covered thanks to our expertise and our network. Whether liquid, creamy, powdery or solid, we offer you textures at a consistently high level, in scalable quantities and with uncompromising adherence to the highest quality standards. We make decorative cosmetics inspiring, attractive and special.

  • lipstick
  • lipgloss
  • lipliner
  • lip balm
  • lip plumper
  • lip primer
  • eyeshadow
  • mascara
  • eyeliner
  • eyebrow pen
  • nailpolish
  • foundation
  • powder
  • concealer
  • blush
  • highlighter
  • primer
  • etc.


Our portfolio in the area of body care includes cleansing and care products for men, women and children. Biodegradable, perfume-free or vegan – we develop our textures in line with the latest scientific findings while taking into account the customer’s wishes and current trends. Fragrance and texture together with look and feel combined with design and sustainability are just some of the aspects we consider. This results in a perfect care product that appeals to all the senses and pampers in every way.

  • body lotion
  • deodorant
  • body spray/oil
  • body butter
  • body peeling
  • massage oil
  • shower gel/foam
  • shower oil
  • facial care
  • hand care
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail care
  • wash lotion, soap
  • sun protection
  • self-tanner
  • after sun
  • etc.


Is there anything better than being enveloped by a wonderful scent? An elegant perfume is unmistakable and underlines one’s individuality and character! We develop fragrances with style for men, women and children – crisp or heavy, floral or tangy. Using high-quality ingredients, the highest quality standards and a fitting packaging design, we compose a perfume that makes your brand unique.

  • eau de toilette
  • perfume
  • body spray
  • hair mist
  • after shave
  • unisex fragrances
  • etc.


Do you have utterly different ideas about your entry into the cosmetics sector? Are you looking for a private label manufacturer? Or do you only need small quantities, for which the effort hardly seems worthwhile? We are open to all requests and work imaginatively with a solution-oriented focus. Talk to us about your requirements – we will turn all wishes into reality for you.

  • brand licencing
  • gift sets
  • travel sets
  • advent calendar
  • fan make-up
  • accessoires
  • etc.


We take care of the entire development and manufacturing process, during which quality always plays a overarching role: we develop a convincing concept, design the packaging, support the production process along each step, take care of distribution right through to sales and plan suitable marketing measures. We keep hold of all threads at once – that makes us flexible, fast and efficient.


We work in a team to come up with the concept because that means short pathways and fast decision-making. Developing a truly unique product also requires a willingness to do things differently from before. No rigid guidelines, no reruns. The requirements of the customer flow into the product development as do the wishes of consumers, which we identify on the basis of trend reports, research and competitor analysis. Meanwhile, our creative team contributes innovative design suggestions for the content and packaging. When developing the customised overall concept, we always make sure that every design is technically feasible and commercially-viable for you.


We have established an efficient process in order to be extremely flexible and able to fulfil almost every customer request. It is turned into reality through our co-operation network of manufacturers around the globe, whom we select based, among other things, on specialisation, quality standards and sustainability. These years-long contacts are based on trust and co-operation on an equal footing. The responsibility for the complete implementation remains in our hands, as does the quality management. We take care of the purchase of raw materials and packaging materials, are on site during production, arrange for items to be registered and control all production steps in line with the target sales market (e.g, the EU Cosmetics Regulation).


If necessary, we support our customers in marketing their cosmetics. We analyse how the product can best be positioned in the market and define communication strategies for the relevant target groups. What areas of potential exist in the market and how can they be exploited? How can the product be set up in a particularly advantageous fashion at the POS? In order to answer these questions, we use our detailed trend and market analyses and our creative expertise in beauty branding. Together, we work out an optimal marketing mix that will make your brand even more successful.


The work is far from over for us when we present the finished product to our customers. This is because we also take care of all the distribution and logistics for cosmetics products. We manage your goods in our warehouse and deliver them in line with your individual custom requirements – whether to a central warehouse or directly to their store. Always in the requested quantity and always exactly where our customer needs them. We are able to do away with rigid distribution channels due to our worldwide network of manufacturers and suppliers. Instead, we can focus with great precision on the needs of our customers and offer efficient solutions. Minimising costs while maintaining the highest quality standards and quick availability of products are very important components of this.


Our guarantee of the highest quality: we work exclusively with certified manufacturers and production facilities around the world. All cosmetic products are manufactured according to the standards and specifications of the sales market in question – we guarantee this through regular quality controls and production acceptance processes on site, carried out by our quality management team. Moreover, of course, we are certified as well. With the IFS Broker, we satisfy the maximum demands that are currently placed on the cosmetics sector. This is because only convincing quality turns occasional buyers into loyal, regular customers.


The cosmetics sector has left a lasting impression on us. Coming from the big players in the cosmetics sector, we founded our own company in 2012, which has been operating under the name MakeCos GmbH since 2014. Our specialist area is the development of customised cosmetics products. As a confident full-service provider, we deliver the concept, production, marketing and distribution from a single source.

We are a young, dynamic and well-coordinated team who practises clear and direct communication. Each of us is an expert in his or her own field. The desire to stray away from the beaten path, to be truly creative and to be able to respond individually to every single customer request is what brought us together. Since then, we have been in the fortunate position of being able to use our abilities one hundred percent for what we love: refining the brands of our customers – with perfect cosmetics.


“We want to be your first choice for successful development of cosmetic products that meet the highest quality standards. Developed by a qualified team that takes joy in its work every day. Supported by long-standing partners, with whom we foster trusting and respectful cooperation. For us, it is fulfilment – for you, it means best results!”




We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to complement our team or our network.



Respectful interactions, short distances and uncomplicated transactions – this is how working with the MakeCos collaborative network works. Worldwide.


MakeCos GmbH
Tegernseer Str. 8, 83703 Gmund am Tegernsee


+49 (0) 8022 50 91 280 (mo – fr von 08:30 am – 5:00 pm)